Monday, April 23, 2012

Special Vegas Escort Friends Haylee & Autumn

You are looking at the most exciting and memorable Vegas adult entertainment duo you will ever meet again. Bachelor parties and group functions are their specialty. Although if you are really up for the challenge, you can give it a go on your own in private. Be sure your heart is in good shape though. These girls love to party!!!

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Enjoy a few teaser images in the mean time.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

One of the dumbest things we've read all week.

And this one goes in the, "One of the dumbest things we've read all week pile." This is why Vegas is a joke with this shit. And the services actually advertise that they're classy joints! This one gets our big "Fuck You."

I had a guy call for a girl this morning. He was told it was $150 to get naked only. When he only gave her $100 and she didn't get naked, he wanted his money back.

Hmmm....... I told him, I told you it was $150 to get naked, not $100! It is not refundable, because you didn't have enough to get her naked doesn't mean you don't still have to pay the agency for sending her over. He called about 200 times, back to back. I don't get it! Come on guys, get it together!!!

Las Vegas Escorts

Long Sentences From An Angry Woman

This was sent to me from a friend's office. One of his phone girls wrote this. Could you imagine being married to this bitch?

"I don't want to MINIMIZE the HUGE amount of you grown men and women who do the same shit!

Calling and giving false information, all this does is waste our time and proves without a doubt that some of the most pathetic adults come to play on the phone while in Vegas rather than acting their age and deciding after the first few inquiries if it is something you want to do or not!

If NOT, move on to something else."

"I will touch on this because most of us just dont understand why there are so many of you who do this and hope this will make some of you realize how immature and just plain stupid it is when they are in a city with so many other things to do with your time and sometimes money when your are calling from your hotel phones you are charged for outgoing calls not incoming calls."

Provided to you by an angry phone girl from an escort service in Las Vegas.

Good Advice

If things don't end up going the way you had envisioned, you can always contact the company immediately and attempt to resolve the problem. NEVER hold the girl against her will in your room or keep her from leaving the situation.

Every agency has solutions for every situation, believe it or not. They do not want their clients to be unhappy, that would defeat their whole purpose.

Good advice from Hot Vegas Escort

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Visit Jayden While You're In Las Vegas

Hi everyone, my name is Jayden.

I am a part Asian, part white escort working in Las Vegas right now. If you prefer petite women then I am all for you. I enjoy providing sensual adult entertainment and companionship services to single men and couples. I do not usually work parties, but make me the right offer and who knows, I just might be up for anything.

Call me and we'll get together soon.

Phone: 702.473.2099

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Las Vegas Escorts From The Phone Girls Perspective

We have had one of the biggest conventions in town recently, BROADCASTERS! But we couldn't even tell they were here. What happened? They are a wonderful bunch of professional men who undoubtedly always bring us good escort business in Vegas.

Not this year. Its not a good thing to know that some of the best customers we have, have gone a different route this year.

We know they ALL haven't decided collectively to avoid the best experience in Las Vegas Escorts entertainment options. We may never know what happened this year, but what I do know is that


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Las Vegas Escorts - Bring One Home To Mother

Please BELIEVE us when we tell you how to get the Las Vegas escort of your choice to your room, we aren't making things up as we go along. The information we provide you with is FACTUAL and will be the same no matter how many cards you call on.
Our job as phone girls is to make sure you get the type of Vegas escorts you are wanting to see when you open your hotel room door. We don't want to waste anyone's time, including our own. So, if you are up for having some of the best times of your life, while in Vegas, understand that we want the same for you and will do what it takes to get your Las Vegas escorts to your room in a timely manor, we provide the most beautiful young females without attitudes, who want to have fun, just like you!
We work hard to provide you with a memorable experience you will never forget and will look forward to experiencing again, even if everything you have done in our fabulous city stays here, after you have gone home!
We will still be here when you return, waiting to hear from you, wanting to provide you with only the BEST!