Friday, April 16, 2010

I Thought I Wanted To Go

Out of the blue my friend calls me and said he had an extra ticket to Vegas for the weekend and did I want to go with him? It was Friday morning just when I was getting ready for work, the flight was leaving at 4pm. I thought he and his girl were going together, something must have happened. He wouldn't tell me the details at that moment and said he would tell me all about it once we were on the plane. It was exciting for me since I had never been to Vegas. It was also depressing because payday was still a week away and I didn't have the money to spare, with rent due too. He reassured me that he had it taken care of and not to worry about having any money. I didn't like the idea of not being in a position to have planned such a trip but thought to myself that I may not get another opportunity like this and I really wanted to go. So, I called my job and told them I had to leave town for an emergency. I met him at the airport, anticipating him telling me what had happened and why they no longer were going together. To make a long story shorter, they got into a big fight because she caught him trying to set up an appointment with an escort in Vegas, without her consent. She is a freak, normally, and having someone join them in the past has never been a problem. The fact that he kept it from her made it look like he was going to sneak to have the fun by himself. Not good! All in all, I am still paying him back for the money I borrowed to get an escort for myself. LOL

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