Sunday, July 24, 2011

Long Sentences From An Angry Woman

This was sent to me from a friend's office. One of his phone girls wrote this. Could you imagine being married to this bitch?

"I don't want to MINIMIZE the HUGE amount of you grown men and women who do the same shit!

Calling and giving false information, all this does is waste our time and proves without a doubt that some of the most pathetic adults come to play on the phone while in Vegas rather than acting their age and deciding after the first few inquiries if it is something you want to do or not!

If NOT, move on to something else."

"I will touch on this because most of us just dont understand why there are so many of you who do this and hope this will make some of you realize how immature and just plain stupid it is when they are in a city with so many other things to do with your time and sometimes money when your are calling from your hotel phones you are charged for outgoing calls not incoming calls."

Provided to you by an angry phone girl from an escort service in Las Vegas.

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