Sunday, July 24, 2011

One of the dumbest things we've read all week.

And this one goes in the, "One of the dumbest things we've read all week pile." This is why Vegas is a joke with this shit. And the services actually advertise that they're classy joints! This one gets our big "Fuck You."

I had a guy call for a girl this morning. He was told it was $150 to get naked only. When he only gave her $100 and she didn't get naked, he wanted his money back.

Hmmm....... I told him, I told you it was $150 to get naked, not $100! It is not refundable, because you didn't have enough to get her naked doesn't mean you don't still have to pay the agency for sending her over. He called about 200 times, back to back. I don't get it! Come on guys, get it together!!!

Las Vegas Escorts

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